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Venso is since 2003 the agent for DELO´s products in Sweden and Norway. DELO has more than 40 years of experience in making different types of adhesives for the industry. Today the company has over 200 employees, and offices in Kina, Singapore and North America. Their success is thanks to many things and some of them are, very fast and qualified technical support, the possibility to adapt and modify adhesives according to the customer’s requirements, highly educated and motivated personnel. The result is DELO has found a niche in the industry of adhesives. Their product portfolio consists of UV adhesives, light curing adhesives & light activated adhesives, electric and thermo conductive adhesives, 1 and 2 component epoxies, instant glue, anaerobes, silicones and PUR glue for casting. Furthermore they have accessories such as UV lamps, different types of light conductors, dispensing equipment, and cleaning fluids.

Read more about DELO here: DELO Company Profile.pdf

UV-lim Epoxi UV-lim Akrylat  1-Komp Epoxi 2-Komp Epoxi
Snabblim Anaeroba lim Polyuretan Silikon
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